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Familiar story???

Wow Joe, I think you and I hung out with the same ghosts of the past. As you know, I grew up on the streets of Jersey City. I also roam the streets of Ocean Ave and WestSide Ave. Oh and let not forget our wonderful projects on Duncan Ave. My story is a little bit different. I came from a home where neither parent spoke English and the youngest child of six. So I was ignored alot. My parents didn’t notice if I was at home or out in the streets. I began hanging out with the wrong crowd and was involved in drugs, and gangs. Lucky for me, since I’m a girl, I never got in trouble with the law.

In high school, I almost dropped out in my junior year. But thanks to a teacher that cared, I graduated high school and went on to college. I didn’t finish because I became overwhelm and started skipping class to hang out with the guys.

After a long struggle of providing for my kids on my own, I decided to go back to school and get my college education. Thanks for the instructor in UCC, I have a GPA of 3.80, taking an honor course, and on the Vice-President Honor List. I am proud of myself for all my accomplishments and I did against what everyone opinion and obstacle thrown at me by people who didn’t believe in me.


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The social brainwashing of our nation by the media, and by those in power is so pervasive that it has become a part of us, it has corrupted our soul, it is so much embedded into very nature, into our beings that if you attempt to remove it,  our identity is removed with it. I was shocked by the video presented by Odessa, it gave me another perspective on the power of social influence, and the hidden messages that brainwash and cripple our children, corrupt our thinking, and restrict our humunistic tendencies.

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I really enjoyed Sandra’s presentation on Rosa Parks. I learned more about Mrs. Parks from Sandra’s presentaion then I knew before. Sandra was confident, informative, and prepared. On a scale from 1 to 10, Sandra receives an 11 from big Joe.  Great Job Sandra!

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Project Implicit


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Vince Wrice: Inability credits:  an individual that succeeds against stereotypes.  If you succeed against stereotypes then you don’t really have to be that good.

Exceeding against stereotypes – to move beyond the boundaries that tie us to specific racial or ethnic expectations

The few people that are willing to cross the boundary are rewarded for it.

Black folks represent the permanent underclass in America.

CHRIS:  It’s socio-economic status that determines your outcome in this society.  Going against the stereotype means going against the socio-economic status that you are born into.

VINCE:  In this society/country we are those people; we are the designated underclass, based on the color of my skin.

Does America have a caste system similar to other countries?

Vince:  There is a caste system in the US

JOE:  There are people rising about that “caste system” and in India people cannot rise above.  Look at Obama, he rose above. However in other countries people cannot rise above their status.


Chris: society makes race real

VINCE: The value of the aristocracy does not exist anymore.  The election of Obama is the rejection of the aristocracy in America.  Globally, America is seen in a certain way – blond, blue-eyed white guy.  The leading two people did not look that way.

JOE:  The 5% controls the 95%

CRAIG:  This could be a huge downfall for minorities and women.  If allegedly he fails at this economic mess, which he walked into.  He inherited this mess but we need to go get the originators, not Obama who walked into the mess.

Sue:  How about going to get the legislator who made these rules who allowed this to happen.

VINCE: It doesn’t matter who is on top, because whoever is on top is made that way because it is a pathology of power.

QUESTION:  Is change connected to color?  Has the media co-opted the “overclass” in terms of wealth and politics based on the color of one’s skin?

JOE:  Change is connected to color – it represents Obama – who represents the struggle of many regardless of color.

CHRIS: Change is connected to color and the color is green.  The people who have money will not let go of that money.  And even if you have to put a Black man as the president of the US, you get to hold onto that color which is green.  The power elite is sitting back saying, “Jesus look at all the money we’re making” while there’s an economic recession.

SUE:  What makes you a valuable person and Pat Buchanan said money.

CRAIG:  We’re delusional – these guys are just pissed off because they have to cut down to four boats.

THERESA:  Most of the cuts are coming from government programs and educational programs and disability programs.

CRAIG: Bill Gates talks to your kids faster than you do because they talk to your kids more than you do

CHRIS:  Society doesn’t dictate what is right and wrong in society, police do.

Jasmin:  A lot of us have to go out and participate in community meetings and speak on the issues we have.  We let others sit back and complain.

Susan:  People of color do not have the opportunity to blend into the landscape like other groups. Previous minorities were able, due to their lack of pigmentation, were able to assimilate into society.

JOE:  There was always another minority group to point the finger at.  If you look at the history of this country, Africans were here in the beginning and used by whites for labor.  Blacks are more American that many groups.  There must always be someone lesser and someone better.

They are adding a classification system.  Oprah’s been around forever.  It’s not the Obama age, it’s the Oprah age.  This furthers the stereotype.

Theresa:  Someone is trying to make money on this obama-age idea.

JOE:  What kind of stuff is on tv when we see the “pimp my crib” shows on tv.

Chris:  If you added all of the NEWBOs up, they don’t make up .01% of the richest man in the world.

SUE:  it’s not showcasing successful black Americans, it’s showcasing the people that will get them the most ratings and the most green.

JOE:  It’s perpetrating the stereotype to the youth, it’s showcasing the dream.

CRAIG:  The ballgame is billions of dollars, not millions of dollars.

SUE:  These individuals realize that these careers could be fleeting, so they’re in it for the long haul.

Myrna:  JZ song – forget about the millions it’s all about the billions.  I have a problem, because children don’t think about going to college but getting into sports and entertainment.

Chris:  At what point does a culture realize it is being bamboozled?

BRIT:  It’s just another way to show minorities that this is how you are going to make money.  The white guys are making the money having little “niggers” making money for them.

SUE:  These people have supposedly taken control of their money.

Joe:  But they are teaching the youth greed.  It puts a false sense of what success really is.  Is it all about money, no.  But the media perpetrates that it is.  It’s a way to distract people from the real issues – essential humanistic issues.  Unfortunately it is about the green.

STEPH:  it depends on what you are allowing your kids to watch.  Are they watching the right shows?  It depends on whether you are gaining knowledge or losing knowledge.  Certain shows will give you knowledge.

ODESSA:  One out of a million P Diddies in the projects.  Kids growing up in the projects, that all they know.  The “hood” is aggressive.  All they know is what they see on tv and they have this dream of rapping or basketball to get them out.  They are scared to step out of the box.

JOE:  That is what they are taught.  They

THERESA:  The US ranks 36 in Math.

Myrna:  After the 4th grade it’s like they drop the ball.  Up to the 4th grade, the curriculum is excellent.  But what happens after that?    Kids that are too smart for the teacher, they want to classify them in special ed.

Joe:  That is what oppression does to people.  It brainwashes people to believe they cannot overcome their situation.  People don’t think they are worthy.

STEPH:  It’s all about numbers-no one is allowed to fail.  They pass and the students know they are going to pass.

Jasmin:  so what is the premise of charter schools.  You are separating  — funding is taken away from the schools.  The kids with the higher IQs are put into the charter schools.  What is the success rate of the graduates there?

CRAIG:  In the classroom, you have a shrinking job force and it’s global.  People in charge already know that the school system sucks.  The parent is responsible for that.  The bottom line is that there is a prison system that needs to be fed.   Successful people only want their kind around them.  And it goes beyond color.

SUE:  It’s “not in my backyard”.

BRIT:  School is a warehouse.  The child is classified because he can’t be controlled but in reality he is doing much better than others in his grade.

Joe:  They teach you indirectly that you are dumb.  Special Ed is a place to keep you away from everyone else.

Jasmin:  What is the ethnic background of those in special ed?

Questions based on the discussion:

1)      Based on the webpage overview and the connection of the NEWBOs to the “Obama” age, is this indirectly asserting that Obama is a coon?

Think about the NY Post political cartoon as well as my assertion that people of color have been traditionally used as entertainment for others.

2)      Based on the discussion about the educational system and the separation based on skill level, intelligence, behavior etc.  how integration failed us?  If so, why?

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