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The social brainwashing of our nation by the media, and by those in power is so pervasive that it has become a part of us, it has corrupted our soul, it is so much embedded into very nature, into our beings that if you attempt to remove it,  our identity is removed with it. I was shocked by the video presented by Odessa, it gave me another perspective on the power of social influence, and the hidden messages that brainwash and cripple our children, corrupt our thinking, and restrict our humunistic tendencies.


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I really enjoyed Sandra’s presentation on Rosa Parks. I learned more about Mrs. Parks from Sandra’s presentaion then I knew before. Sandra was confident, informative, and prepared. On a scale from 1 to 10, Sandra receives an 11 from big Joe.  Great Job Sandra!

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Questions to think (and/or) write about:

1. Why does race & ethnicity seem to be concepts that are predominantly attached to minority groups?

Because these are the concepts that are used to divert minority groups from real more pertinent issues (like healthcare, distribution of wealth, and Social Economic Status), and it is the five percent with power and wealth that control the distribution of information.

2. If, as pointed out in Graves’ discussion of race, not proven as a biological concept, based on a study that reveals the people, regardless of “color” are the same at the genome level, (hence, on the DNA level “race” cannot be proven) then what does this say about disease and health?  Are these socially constructed as well?

I think we are trying to compare apples and oranges here, who came up with this definition? What were his/her views on race?

I think it comes down to nature and nurture. Are we the same at the genome level? On the DNA level? Sure, I will buy that. Is that where we begin to become different? The moment we are born do we have different experiences; do we go to different places, are we exposed to different diseases, and degree of environmental influence? Yes, because if not we would all be the same.

Is disease and health socially constructed? I don’t know, but whenever a classification system is introduced, information is lost, and bias and stereotypes are developed! The question I ponder is “is this the human condition? Do we classify things to develop a better understanding or to draw a line between each other?”

3. Many of you have mentioned that the concept of race has been used as a “diversion” by the elite or powerful to maintain the status quo for the masses.

If this is true, how is this still possible in 2009?  In other words, from a historical perspective, race/race relations etc. has been used as a diversionary tactic since the founding of America to “keep people in their place“.  Do we still believe that it is the wealthy 5% that is doing this?  Why?   How? What is the benefit of this, now, in 2009?

Do I believe that the wealthy 5% is diverting the 85%? Yes I do, because they have the power and means to do so. Power corrupts, and absolute power absolutely corrupts.

It is part of the human condition. Think back into your own personal experience, when either yourself or someone you knew, gained a position of power over you or others. Did your or this other person change in anyway? Did you feel or did it seem like you had more control, more power? How did you or this other person treat people with this power? Didn’t you have more confidence; have a wee bit more swagger in your step? Be honest!

Ok, Magnify that exponentially, with the understanding that you maybe own a media company, have millions in your bank account, and never have to live with-out anything. Do you want to have less money or power?

Let’s bring in the concept of Greed, which the Microsoft Encarta 2007 Dictionary defines as “strong desire for more: an overwhelming desire to have more of something such as money than is actually needed.” Is not power the catalyst to greed?

Those with power, wealth, and influence want more power, wealth, and influence. it was the way this land was conquered, and  It has been this way from the founding of this country.

All you have to do is look into recent history and you will see it, the subprime mortgage market meltdown, the current recession. Create by those in power, who throught greed want more power. And who takes the hit? The minority!

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