pict2720What a wonderful night! I was fortunate enough to spend it with my classmates, my friends, and my professors. I never saw so many beutiful people all in one place at the same time. I can only describe it as what heaven would be like. I was wowed when Myrna showed up looking glam, proud when Alicia’s name was called over the loudspeakers, and speechless when Jasmin sashayed to recieve her award. A great night, with great people, and great memories that will last a lifetime.


segregated proms



i forgot how to post a link on this, so i’m just copying & pasting the URL.  In any case, I came across an article a magazine about how some parts of the country still hold segregated proms.  My first reaction was that of utter disbelief.  It turns out that they’re not held by the school, but they’re privately held proms.  In any case there is the “white” prom and the “black” prom.  There are students that have talked about uniting the students in order to hold a regular prom with all of the students, it falls apart because there is some resistance towards it.  The article that I included is about a high school in Charleston, Mississippi that will be holding its first integrated prom this year.  It is the hometown high school of Morgan Freeman, and he is funding the prom.  Everything is being taped and turned into a documentary that will air in June.  I just found it interesting that there are still parts of the United States where things like this happen.  There are still schools with a segregated prom that were in the article I read, but it’s not online at this time.  If it gets posted to the webpage, I’ll put the link up.  What are your thoughts on the idea that there are still some schools that have segregated proms even though the student body is (at least superficially) integrated??


So a couple of days ago I was watching tv and im not going to lie, I was watching the Disney Channel because my favorite cartoon is the Proud Family!!! They had the best episode i have ever seen in my life!! It was about racism and the story goes as follows.  Penny was in class and they were celebrating black history month.  Her teacher, who is black, assigned them a project of researching a black person. Penny was assigned Angela Davis and during the night she had a dream tat sucks her back into time.  She becomes Angela Davis and on her way to school she tries to talk to her friend Zoe, who is white, but she ignores her and Penny can’t understand why.  Then her black friend D’Jane tells her they arent allowed to speak to each other.  When they get to class all of the colored kids are in the back and the white kids are in the front.  The teacher turns out to be the white janitor from the future and the janitor happens to be the black teacher from the future.  Then and incident happens with Zoe’s bird and Penny’s mom happens to be a veterinarian and Penny takes Zoe and her bird to her house.  When they get there Penny’s father says to her “You can’t be friends with her she’s white and you’re black!”  To speed  it up, when Zoe and Penny get back to class and they sit next to each other and the whole class stops and the teacher says they can’t sit next to each other! Then the students have a sit in so that they can sit next to each other and the teacher finally gives in.  

It was an unbelievable episode it touched me so much because they didn’t  sugar coat anything.  The said things like they can’t be friends because their black and white.  I mean it was incredible! They really taught children, who were watching the show, about what happened in the past and how everyone wasn’t equal.  It was an episode that I would recommend all families watch because they kept it so real.  The funny thing was I was at my best friends house and her little brother had a little white friend over and he was so wrapped up in the episode like we were he didn’t notice anything around him.  The episode was so deep and refered to so many racial issues with respect to color that my best friend’s step father came running downstairs to see what we were watching! It was an excellent episode and everyone should see it unfortunatley i didn’t get the name of it but Im gonna try to find it!!!




Hi everyone!

just wanted to share a post with you guys, which I find incredibly interesting. Its a poem called “teacher teach us this” which was posted on You-Tube by a member of the Mexican Movement for Nican Tlaca Indigenous people. This poem is very insightful in terms of expressing the views and concerns of the Mexicans on border control by the Americans.

teacher teach us this